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Steve Davis

  • He dismantled me last year so I'd love to turn him over. I've come to the tournament as relaxed as I've ever been and I'm looking forward to playing him.... Steve Davis {view}
  • I have a family, and if something like this were to happen in our area, I would hope that somebody down south that works for Holland would come up and help us.... Steve Davis {view}
  • My wife has a rule. No talk about football when we leave practice. With family time, it's just that. We leave football at school.... Steve Davis {view}
  • There is money for the west sewer plant. The key point is that everything is on target for us to meet the Oct. 4 predicted date to award a contract to construct the west plant. There's a whole series of hoops that we have to jump through and yesterday was one of that series. We've cleared that hoop and we're still on target.... Steve Davis {view}
  • The census is costing us right at $1 million, and all of that money we will recover, I believe, three for one in four years.... Steve Davis {view}
  • It's a delicate process. In this arena, you've got guys with a lot of money and huge egos.... Steve Davis {view}