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Taiwo sot

  • Whoever say my mum or dad will neva reap the fruit of their labour.., May he or she never see the light at the end of the tunnel.... Taiwo sot {view}
  • True love doesn't have a happy ending:True love doesn't have an ending.... Taiwo sot {view}
  • Love is a fan club with only two fans.. Just me and you..... Taiwo sot {view}
  • "No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever toobig.... Taiwo sot {view}
  • "Wind to thy wings. Light to thy path. Dreams tothy heart.... Taiwo sot {view}
  • "We mustn't let our passions destroy our dreams.... Taiwo sot {view}
  • When the time comes for you to leave me, justsay so! I can let you go. But let me embrace youwhile saying, " You'll come back to me, okay! Whenhe leaves you."... Taiwo sot {view}
  • If only you could be mine, and i will take you on the endless wings of love..... Taiwo sot {view}
  • In every girls life there will always be thosethree guys...the one she loves, the one shehates, and the one she cant get enough of...andin the end...they're all the same guy.... Taiwo sot {view}