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Tim Johnson

  • I don't think parents trust Bloomberg and [Schools Chancellor Joel] Klein to do the right thing with the money.... Tim Johnson {view}
  • There's all kinds of family-unfriendly aspects of this. It's going to be total chaos, I think, in a lot of places _ transportation issues.... Tim Johnson {view}
  • If it's critical to our business it seems that we're more prepared to spend than if it's the family photo album that's at risk.... Tim Johnson {view}
  • Peter's life was incredibly full -- full of adventure, full of learning, full of teaching, full of love.... Tim Johnson {view}
  • The Japanese and other countries would love to buy American beef, I believe, but they want to know that it's American beef that they're buying and not beef that's simply been funneled through our country from BSE-infected nations.... Tim Johnson {view}