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Tom Gallagher

  • She does those things naturally, and we have to credit her mom for that. It's like we're describing the perfect teenager here. There's times when she has everybody laughing, including me. She's quite a kid.... Tom Gallagher {view}
  • I think it is going to be very difficult to make money out of this rally.... Tom Gallagher {view}
  • I am pleased that this money is being returned to the victims. This may help them recover from the financial anguish, but the mental anguish may never be undone.... Tom Gallagher {view}
  • Storm victims should not have to chase after money that is theirs to begin with, and there is no reason why these funds should not be released directly to the homeowner, especially in the aftermath of a catastrophic storm.... Tom Gallagher {view}
  • We will have enough money to get our message out.... Tom Gallagher {view}
  • One of the things I talk about is the importance of having strong families in our state. It's the base of society. Strong families build the leaders of tomorrow. Strong families keep down the cost of government.... Tom Gallagher {view}