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Tom Johnson

  • It came down to a number of things, but obviously family was big, ... I'm going to be 35 minutes from my son, I'm going to be 20 minutes from my parents and a half-hour from my brother's family.... Tom Johnson {view}
  • I've got to check on my family. I haven't been able to reach them at all.... Tom Johnson {view}
  • He was simply one of the most loved members of the CNN family,... Tom Johnson {view}
  • John Holliman was one of a kind -- a CNN original, ... He passionately loved his family, his friends and his job. John's smile, his humor and his contagious optimism brightened the lives of all who met him.... Tom Johnson {view}
  • Women tend to be much more optimistic. About half of the women in the survey felt they would reach their 90th birthday.... Tom Johnson {view}