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Tommy Polo

  • A soulmate is like a best friend, only more. He/she makes you a better person by HELPIN' you be a better person. No matter what happens, you've always got 'em in your heart and they're ALWAYS a part of you, and no matter what happens, you'll always love 'em. Nothin' will ever change that.... Tommy Polo {view}
  • If all of you only knew how good the love of my life is, you'd cry for joy.... Tommy Polo {view}
  • Your soulmate is the one who does not have to be perfect to begin with, but the one whom you see as perfect. That was what I found when I met the love of my life not so long ago last year.... Tommy Polo {view}
  • The person you love the most can both heal and harm you to the same measure.... Tommy Polo {view}
  • Life is a dream, for in order to wake up from it, we must enjoy it.... Tommy Polo {view}
  • When you got love, you got all the goodness you can think of.... Tommy Polo {view}
  • Love is rich in kindness as well as in care, so be sure you've learned to know love when it's there.... Tommy Polo {view}
  • Your greatest love is the one who leaves an indescribable mark on you forever, and is the one who makes you want to believe in yourself.... Tommy Polo {view}
  • Intimate relationships last a long time. Soulmate relationships last forever.... Tommy Polo {view}
  • Lovin' you has been the best thing to me.... Tommy Polo {view}