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Tony Blair

  • The thing that people understand about the royal family is the sense of service that they have,... Tony Blair {view}
  • hold out the hand of partnership and friendship to a democratic Serbia and welcome her into the family of European nations.... Tony Blair {view}
  • We will respect family life. We will develop it and encourage it in any way that we can, for strong families are the foundation of strong communities.... Tony Blair {view}
  • It was a small private family ceremony. There are going to be two parties in September for friends and colleagues. There were no ministerial colleagues at the ceremony.... Tony Blair {view}
  • I feel desperately sorry for the family.... Tony Blair {view}
  • Our thoughts and prayers are with her family, particularly her two sons, and with all the families bereaved in this quite appalling tragedy,... Tony Blair {view}
  • such outrages have no place in any civilized society and those who perpetrate them should be brought to justice.... Tony Blair {view}
  • This is a manifesto that takes the next steps to building a strong economy, a strong society and a strong Britain,... Tony Blair {view}
  • I'm profoundly saddened for David Kelly and for his family. He was a fine public servant who did an immense amount of good for his country in the past and I'm sure would have done so again in the future,... Tony Blair {view}
  • Our vision is to see millions of young people participate in sport and improve their lives. London has the power to make this happen,... Tony Blair {view}
  • I'm deeply saddened to hear of the death of Princess Margaret. My thoughts are with the queen, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother and the rest of the royal family at this time.... Tony Blair {view}
  • Education, education, education (well-known mantra)... Tony Blair {view}
  • For women to make a contribution they need opportunities, self-esteem and esteem in the eyes of their society,... Tony Blair {view}
  • (The review) will include specifically the issue of whether we facilitate the development of a new generation of nuclear power stations,... Tony Blair {view}
  • I have to say that I, for the reasons the police have given, have found their request for this power absolutely compelling,... Tony Blair {view}
  • a revolution in medical science... Tony Blair {view}
  • Why is it you remain so wedded to this proposal for 90 days? ... Surely it's wrong ... surely you are going to have to back down.... Tony Blair {view}