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Tony Dungy

  • I love playing Denver in the preseason because it's a good team, it's a good system and it's an exciting environment, ... This will be a good test because they're a lot like Baltimore.... Tony Dungy {view}
  • With my son's situation and our family, it puts it all into perspective.... Tony Dungy {view}
  • It's really been good, it's so much like a family because you're around these guys so much. My wife told them 'I don't want you to feel bad around us, if you want to talk about James, I think that would be helpful.... Tony Dungy {view}
  • What it symbolized to me is what a close-knit group we have, what a tight family we have. I know those guys wanted to win that game for me. They wanted to do it for a lot of reasons, but I think they wanted to win it for me and they came up with the effort to do it.... Tony Dungy {view}
  • Our family has gotten a lot of letters and cards from people who have lost children in a variety of ways. The biggest thing is, it's not as rare as we would think. People have been in that situation and a lot of people have gotten through it. As much as you never want to be in it or want anybody else to be in it, people do make it through.... Tony Dungy {view}