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Trent Lott

  • Let no one doubt that the Congress and the American people stand united behind our men and women who are bravely heeding the call of duty there.... Trent Lott {view}
  • There are a lot more people men, women and minorities that are more qualified in my opinion by their experience than she is.... Trent Lott {view}
  • We believe that all men and women should be able to live, work and speak free from governmental interference.... Trent Lott {view}
  • I had raised money for Jeffords; in 2000, I had even campaigned for him in Vermont. Six months later, this was the way he repaid me,... Trent Lott {view}
  • Clearly, we need to give the people an opportunity to keep more of their money which is now creating the surplus, for them to decide how to make use of their own money, ... Now ... the way to do that is to do it with an across-the-board, tax-rate cut. I would like to see it be 10 percent across the board.... Trent Lott {view}
  • We feel that flexibility should be allowed for local teachers and administrators to decide whether that money needs to go just for teachers or can it be used for individuals with disabilities ... or for computers or roof repairs,... Trent Lott {view}
  • They say, 'Give us more money, and by the way, if you don't, if something happens, we'll say it's all your fault.' But, I mean, what about waiting to get information from experts about what is needed, how much is needed? How about doing this in a logical way?... Trent Lott {view}
  • Is he opposed to leaving some of the people's hard-earned money in their pockets back home?... Trent Lott {view}
  • Congress had to pass legislation this year called the Iraq Liberation Act with money to start supporting democratic groups and opposition groups to Saddam Hussein,... Trent Lott {view}
  • It was a death in the family,... Trent Lott {view}
  • Sometimes even the closest of families has a little squabble, a little disagreement about exactly how to proceed, but the best thing to do when you have that disagreement within the family is you talk it out, you work it out and you stay together, and that's what we've done here today,... Trent Lott {view}
  • The vision of a nation formed from many different peoples bound together by a common love of freedom was staked out long before our lifetimes or even our parents' or grandparents' lifetimes.... Trent Lott {view}
  • While Americans let something as minor as rain impede us from voting, Iraqis snubbed the possibility of death or injury, bravely voting, and sending America a big 'thank you' by their actions.... Trent Lott {view}