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Trisha Yearwood

  • As a musician, I have a deep respect and appreciation for the gift of hearing and the beauty that it brings to life, ... Having been on an international hearing mission trip with the Starkey Hearing Foundation, my respect and appreciation is equally great for the work it is doing to open the ears of the world's children. Through its many good works, the Starkey Hearing Foundation is not just giving the gift of hearing to those in need but the gift of life.... Trisha Yearwood {view}
  • Originally, this was supposed to be a private ceremony in a garden with family, ... Garth told me later that he knew when they unveiled the statue [I was going to ask] `Why is there a wedding ring on your hand?' He was gonna have some explaining to do. He said he knew that was the moment, no matter if there was one person there or a thousand people there, that was what he had to do.... Trisha Yearwood {view}
  • How Do I Live,... Trisha Yearwood {view}