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William Cowper

  • Uncertainty and expectation are the joys of life. Security is an insipid thing.... William Cowper {view}
  • Did Charity prevail, the press would proveA vehicle of virtue, truth, and love.... William Cowper {view}
  • England, with all thy faults, I love thee still - / My country!... William Cowper {view}
  • Society, friendship, and love, / Divinely bestowed upon man, / Oh, had I the wings of a dove, / How soon would I taste you again!... William Cowper {view}
  • All constraint, / Except what wisdom lays on evil men, / Is evil.... William Cowper {view}
  • Nature, exerting an unwearied power,Forms, opens, and gives scent to every flower.... William Cowper {view}
  • Who loves a garden loves a greenhouse too.... William Cowper {view}