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chrizthiel norika azuma

  • i wish we could be together , and if that happened i wish to be with you forever... chrizthiel norika azuma {view}
  • someones reminds me , someone i love , someone makes my life complete , someone i miss , someone who makes me smile, someone who makes me cry,and the first one who makes my heart bleeding and the first and the last one i loved... chrizthiel norika azuma {view}
  • my life would be misery without you :(( every singel day every single hour and minutes i think about you wish this coming christmas you can remember me wish you could remember the time we spended but i know even your not with me now in my dreams your with me forever... chrizthiel norika azuma {view}
  • they said that theres other guy that could love me more than i love you but they dont know how it feel`s to pretend happy even it tears you up , you`ll pretend happy for him because he already has a new girlfriend , they dont know how could one pretend tears you up the most... chrizthiel norika azuma {view}
  • new year , new life , everything will change but my love for you will stay... chrizthiel norika azuma {view}
  • your smile is a gift from heaven , a gift from an angel... chrizthiel norika azuma {view}
  • i still believe that some day you and i , find our own way , find our destiny... chrizthiel norika azuma {view}
  • you think that i'm crazy when i say that i miss u , you think that i'm crazier when i say that i love you , you think that i'm the craziest when i say that i hate you... chrizthiel norika azuma {view}
  • we were given: two hands to hold. two legs to walk . two eyes to see . two ears to listen. but why only one heart ? Because the other was given to someone else. for us to find... chrizthiel norika azuma {view}
  • why do we need to sacrifice someone without telling goodbye ? i still love him... chrizthiel norika azuma {view}