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nerissa irving

  • Self Love will get you far. Respect yourself... nerissa irving {view}
  • Lol.. he said, "Nerissa what religion do you practice?" I said, " The one where I breathe in Oxygen and breathe out Carbon Dioxide. I think they call that one Living."... nerissa irving {view}
  • Everything in life (the good, the bad, and the naughty) is a gift... The wisdom you gain from your mistakes will mold you into a better person...Regret should not be in your vocabulary...Live, Learn, Life, Love... nerissa irving {view}
  • There is a time and place to be rude and selfish..Some people just don't deserve your honesty and kindness... nerissa irving {view}
  • I want to slap the government for making running water an expense. Everyone should be able to shower and flush their toilet for free... nerissa irving {view}
  • Just because your man brought you around his boys doesn't mean you have to be in their conversation. Sit down like a lady and be quiet . Observe the vibe and approach the conversation when needed. And you wonder why he doesn't take your talkative self anywhere.. Shhhh!!... nerissa irving {view}
  • Dear Future child!! If you become a serial killer after I filled you with genuine love and education, I'm putting you back in my vagina. I will take your devil ass out and make you over.... nerissa irving {view}
  • Without love a child will become a serial killer or a cheater to get affection and genuine begs from his victims.... nerissa irving {view}
  • When the black woman knows who she is, the black man will know who he is. Carry yourself like a queen and you will get treated like one. Ladies, we are more powerful than we think.... nerissa irving {view}
  • When the Lioness meets her Lion,,, all the house cats vanish.... nerissa irving {view}
  • We grow up when the time is right. Sometimes it takes going down the wrong path to realize how precious life is.. Don't regret your mistakes. Some of our mistakes bring beautiful superstar babies in the world..or power leaders. Embrace all your experiences... then move on and find happiness within yourself and I promise your soulmate will find you.. but not until you realize your first soulmate is YOU.... nerissa irving {view}
  • The perfect bra can make a women feel soo powerful!!! My Tiger Push-up bra says meow big daddy!! The Twins are healthy and ready to attack the weak... nerissa irving {view}
  • Forgive those that hurt you. It will only make you stronger.. Take your Power back from them. They are already suffering with their own guilt and pain. Kill them with the same thing they deprived from you. LOVE. You will heal their evil ways a lil bit at a time just because you are you. Take back your POWER.... nerissa irving {view}