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This quote is from: Steve Tompkins

    [The Young Vic redevelopment was a natural fit for Tompkins' approach. The theatre's original designer, Bill Howell, also strove to work with his theatrical clients. The result was an auditorium that's still one of London's best loved, despite the fact that it was designed as a temporary breeze block structure, and, 35 years on, is surrounded by a virtual shanty town of leaking, rotting, cluttered and confined spaces. Just as Howell incorporated the tiled butcher's shop that still stood on the original bombed-out site, so Tompkins is retaining the butcher's shop and the essence of Howell's auditorium, although he's expanded its capacity by 200 people.] The holy grail of auditoria is more people into same space, ... It's like an electromagnet: the more coils you can get the more current you can generate.

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