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  • I met the man of my dreams and the one I wanted to marry, it seemed like he was the one, even perhaps the perfect fit, then one morning I woke up and he was gone without so much as a word.... Stargazer {view}
  • Eyes transfixed upon a stary sky I think of things I dare not say, emotions that ebb and flow to love and loss and brighter days ready to wipe my tears away... Stargazer {view}
  • Holding on to unrequited love does *not* make you strong however it *can* make you a stalker :)... Stargazer {view}
  • When a man tells you he cant be alone dont be surprised when he gets married 4 months after you break up. Happy not to be wife #3... Stargazer {view}
  • True love is eluding me......perhaps it is never meant to be... Stargazer {view}
  • Open your heart to love and find the joy within... Stargazer {view}
  • Love is a flower in bloom, a singing bird in a tree, a cresting wave, a sonet......everything that money cannot buy... Stargazer {view}
  • I always wanted him to be happy, just not with someone else ;)... Stargazer {view}